Walt Disney World is working hard to go green! They are using solar power and reusable bags! They have stopped using plastic lids (which doesn't make me happy. I love my lids!) And now Disney World bans plastic straws in favor of paper straws in all of their parks and Disney Springs.

Disney converts to paper straws!

The change took place on April 21, 2019. Cast members have confirmed that the change is being made all over the resort: The Hotels, the parks, the water parks, and Disney Springs. They are selling plastic re-usable straws, or you can bring your own straw to use.

I actually like this. I think a company like Disney can lead the way in a lot of areas, including the area of being green. Their new solar farm is twice the size of the Magic Kingdom, and the way it will produce enough energy to run two of their theme parks! Think about that! That is a lot of energy! The question is, are they going to build any more. I hope they do! Now they need to get rid of the rest of the single-use plastic items in their parks, like the plastic utensils. There are a lot of interesting options for this. They could also force a company like Coca Cola to create bottles that are not plastic.

But this is an amazing start by a VERY large company!

Plastic straws are still in some areas until they run out.

Thanks to Chip and Co. for the news information!

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