Star Wars The Bad Batch

I wanted to talk about Star Wars The Bad Batch. It just started streaming on Disney Plus. I was a fan of The Clone Years, and could watch that series again. (Fortunately I can on Disney Plus!) So I was really looking forward to checking out The Bad Batch!

What is it about?

So Star Wars The Bad Batch is following clones after the Clone Wars. These particular clones we "defective" clones. They were purposefully changed to be different than the other clones. It was part of an experiment to see what would happen.

So these clones (there are 5 of them) each have a special talent. Hunter is the leader, Wacker is the brute force, Tech is the genius, Crosshair is the sharp shooter, and Echo is part cyborg. We are introduced them when they wipe out a whole squadron of clone fighters to protect a Jedi and her padawan. They are great at what they do, and obviously work well together, and break the rules. They also think for themselves for the most part. When an order is given to all the clones, they chose not to follow the order.

When they get back to the base, they are introduced to Omega. A child that works with the medical staff, who feels out of place. She finds that she is drawn to The Bad Batch because they are also outcasts in the clone "society".

I don't want to get into to much more because I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

Cast Photo Of Star Wars The Bad Batch

What do I think about it?

I will be honest, I wasn't sure what I would think about Star Wars The Bad Batch. I loved The Clone Wars so much, and I wasn't sure they could match that level of story and animation.

Well I have to say that I really love the story. It is developed so well, and has kept me interested, and makes me want to see the next episode. I can't say that for every series on Disney Plus. It really gives us an up close look at the clones, and what they are about.

There is great action in the show, and you feel empathy for each of the characters. Even the bad guys you feel for. Like every other Star Wars story, it is good against evil, and sometimes you aren't quite sure that the good guys are "good" guys. Which in my mind makes the stories even better.

I am definitely going to keep watching it. The voice work in it is great, the animation is great, and the stories are a lot of fun.

What more could you want in a television series?

Go Watch It!

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