Disney Park Shows

We have a fun episode this week! We are talking about our favorite park shows! That includes things like Country Bears, Voices Of Liberty, the Muppets, Main Street Citizens, Citizens of Hollywood, and many more! We have a great time talking about all of the shows that we like to take the time to watch when we are at Walt Disney World. It goes with the philosophy of “Do Less, Enjoy More!”

The Goofy Guy! A Fun Look At Disney!

In this week’s episode, we are talking about what our favorite Disney Holiday specials are. Who doesn’t love a good holiday special? Here is a hint, mine isn’t a special, it’s a movie! It’s also a time for resolutions, so we also talk about what we wish Disney would do in the next year. Kind of a New Years resolution for Disney. Of course, we talk about the week’s news, and what some may consider a controversial “If Julie Gets Lost”. She is never one to shy away from controversy.