Have you heard the news? Walt Disney World has a new transportation system! I would call it a transportation system (like I would the monorail system), but some are calling it an attraction. It's Disney's Skyliner! Disney's Skyliner transportation is a new gondola system at Walt Disney World!

So what is Disney's Skyliner? It's a transportation system like you would see at a ski resort. Not a chair lift. It is an enclosed system that usually takes you higher on the mountain. They use them all around the world. It is extremely safe. It is also continuously moving, which makes it very efficient.

A map of the Disney Skyliner system at Walt Disney World.

Disney's Skyliner goes from several resorts to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. You can also go from EPCOT to Hollywood studios and back. It's pretty slick. I haven't been on it yet, but they say that it is pretty fast (faster than the bus).

Disney's Skyliner travels from The Art Of Animation Resort and the Pop Century Resort to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios and back. it also travels from Disney's Carribean Beach Resort and the new Riviera Resort (which opens in December of 2019!) The longest ride appears to be around 15 minutes. The shortest is around 5 minutes. Believe me when I say, that is much faster than the bus system!

The Disney Skyliner station at the Caribbean Beach Resort

I do believe that we should discuss the elephant in the room. A week after Disney's Skyliner opened, there was an incident where a stopped gondola did not continue on the line from the station, and several gondolas following were pushed into the stopped gondola. Some of the glass from the ventilation ducts were smashed. While no one in the immediate situation was hurt (and there were no injuries from the episode), some guests on the system were in their gondolas for 3 hours. You read that correctly, 3 hours. This was at night, so it wasn't hot. But it was still a problem, and I'm not sure I would want to be in the air in a gondola for 3 hours.

But I do ride on the monorail, and goodness knows it has problems and often needs to be evacuated because it has stopped running. So I guess I will be riding the gondolas next time I'm at Walt Disney World. It seems like a better system...

Disney's Skyliner station at EPCOT

I am hopeful that if this initial line goes well, Disney will expand the gondolas. With the increase in crowds at Walt Disney World, more transportations options are a great thing. It also adds a lot of kinetic energy to the resort which is great! And lastly, it gives great views of the resort that you can't get on the ground. And that is always great!

So what do you think about the new Disney Skyliner system? Have you ridden it yet? Leave comments below so we can talk about it. I would love to hear what you think.

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