Welcome to The Goofy Guy Podcast! An honest but not serious look at Disney!

This week we have news items. in case Julie gets lost, and our topic of the week which is the movie FROZEN 2!

We were very careful not to have any spoilers in this podcast, but fair warning, there are two moments which might be considered spoilers. We really tried not too, but it's hard when you are talking about a movie after seeing it! Especially when you liked it and want to share what you liked!

Here is a spoiler to the podcast, we both liked Frozen 2. Julie liked it more than I did, but I really enjoyed it!

Julie also gives a great tip in IF JULIE GETS LOST, and it may be different than what you have heard in the past, and she gives good reason for the difference!

What did you think of Frozen 2? Leave a comment and let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the podcast!


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