Today's podcast is a hot topic right now. We are talking about if Disney World should reopen. There is a lot of buzz on the internet about it, both pros and cons. We talk about it all. We have an opinion and we share it. Like normal we really don't hold back. We always try to speak honestly about what we think, and this is no exception!

There is a lot of talk on both sides if Disney World should reopen. I feel like they didn't have a whole lot of choice but to reopen. I also believe that Disney is doing everything in their power to make sure that their guests feel safe. That being said, they also have signs up everywhere about how you are taking your own risk, and that Disney is not responsible if you catch Covid-19.

While Disney's steps for keeping things clean admirable, there is the truth that it may not prevent you from gettin sick. I know they are controlling crowd sizes and cleaning everything, but it only takes one guest who does not wear a mask to put everyone at risk. that is very scary! However, there is something comforting in know that Disney World has reopened. Just a touch of normalcy in this insane world we currently live in.

There is also a lot of laughing as always! Can't have an episode without laughter! Hopefully it brightens your day a little bit.

We hope you are doing well during this unusual time. We know that social distancing is hard for a lot of people (including us). Check-in on your friends and loved sons, and take care of each other! And if you can, spread a little pixie dust.

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