I know this doesn't seem like an important topic. However what you are packing for Walt Disney World is really important.

There are things that you may not think about to pack. And there may be things that I talk about that you are saying "Well, of course, I'm bringing that!"

So let's get to it!

First, Packing Clothes For Walt Disney World

Of course you are going to pack clothes. It's Walt Disney World, not a nudist camp.

So as you are packing you are counting your days and packing shorts and t-shirts for those days. You are also packing underwear. Maybe your even packing a nice outfit for an evening out at a nice dinner.

You are packing shoes. But what kind of shoes? My answer is COMFORTABLE SHOES! You are going to be on your feet a lot! And you are going to be walking a lot of miles! So wear something comfortable. High heels don't really work (although I see people in them at the parks. I don't know how they do it!) I would also suggest that flip flops, no matter how comfortable you think they are, may not be the best choice either. You need a pair of shoes that are supportive and easy on your feet. I find the thing that bothers my feet the most is all the standing that I do in Walt Disney World. Yes, standing. You are standing a lot! That always is what makes my feet sore. The walking not so much (that's more my legs that I feel later). I have seen people wear Crocs at the parks. Some people even swear by them. I have never worn a pair of Crocs, so I really can't speak to that. The important thing is when packing for Walt Disney World, pack comfortable shoes!!

Extra Socks!

Here is a tip about packing that I always tell people. It was told to me by a wise man, an I swear by it. When going to Walt Disney World, pack extra socks! I suggest an extra pair for each day at the theme parks. In the middle of the day when your feet are screaming, changing into a fresh pair of socks really makes a difference! Your feet feel so much better! It's a game changer.

I would also suggest packing a light jacket or sweatshirt. The evenings in Walt Disney World can sometimes get surprisingly cool. That sun goes down, the breeze blows and you're like "It's chilly! No one told me it would be chilly!" Well, I'm telling you, it can get chilly. Plan for it. You may not use it, but at least you have it.

Second, Packing Swimming Gear For Walt Disney World

It's Florida. Chances are you are going to go to a pool or a water park at some point during your visit. As a matter of fact, I suggest you plan a day out of the parks (depending on how long you're staying) and go to a pool. Take a break.

So when packing, you need to remember your swimwear. Walt Disney World has really nice pools, and you are going to want to use them. The nice thing is that you don't really need to bring a towel. You can get those at the resort or water park. But definitely bring your swimsuit.

Also pack that sun screen. PACK THE SUN SCREEN!

The sun in Florida is a lot more intense than almost anywhere else you are coming from. (I did say almost). It is much more intense than you realize. You not only need sunscreen for swimming days, but you also need it in the parks! Put it on before you leave the hotel room (or where ever you are staying) and you will be all set of a while. I also pack a swimming shirt that has an SPF rating. I just feel more comfortable walking around the water park in it.

But remember to put it back on. Re-apply that stuff! It won't last all day, and the last thing you want is to get sunburnt. NOT FUN! And sun poisoning is a real thing, and that is even worse. Be prepared!

Also remember packing all those other things your kids like: goggles, arm floaties, swim caps. You, unfortunately, cannot use big floaties in most of the pools at Walt Disney World, but you probably won't need them. The pools are great!

Next, Do I need to pack anything else?

Here are a few other things that I suggest you packing for Walt Disney World.

Packing for Walt Disney World includes rain ponchos! It will rain while you are at the parks. First, don't leave that park! It will stop! Second, don't pay for the Disney Ponchos (except in an emergency.) They are pricey, and you can get a pack of ten on Amazon for less than one costs. Just throw them in your bag, and have them if you need them. You might even bring a few small umbrellas with you. Get them cheap on Amazon and pack them. Like everything else, umbrellas are expensive in Walt Disney World. I mean it is their job to make money, right? You just don't have to give all of YOUR money to them.

Water Bottles! Take water bottles to the park! You can fill them for free at most quick service dining locations. Some people have a case of water delivered to their hotel and use that. That is fine. Just don't spend $5 a pop for a bottle of water at the parks. The days are hot, and water is your friend. Drink lots of it. Just don't pay a lot for it.

Remember your toothbrush and anything special you use in the bathroom. Here's the good news. You don't have to worry about shampoo, conditioner, or soap. Those things will be waiting for you in the room when you arrive. And they are nice! They H2O Plus products, and are very nice!

While packing for Walt Disney World, bring any special snacks you or your kids need. You can get a small refrigerator in your hotel room to keep things in. You can either take things with you or get them delivered. They will cost a lot more if you buy those granola or protein bars in the parks. So save yourself a little money, and bring them with you or get them delivered.

Baby stuff! Do you have babies? Bring their stuff! The good news is that if you forget something or run out of something, you are not in the middle of the desert. You can get some more. Or just get them delivered to your hotel so you don't have to pack them. You can also get stuff in the parks. The baby care centers are well stocked, and you can get what you need if you run out of something. (You will have to pay for it, but at least you can get it.)

One Last Thing While Packing For Walt Disney World

We live in a world of electronics. People are on their screens all the time! We also use our items to take pictures now, and videos. Those are really important for your memories.

Disney also is doing a lot more to make the parks more interactive by using your phones or tablets. And Galaxies Edge is going to take phone and table use to a whole new level when it opens!

So, be sure to take something to recharge your items while you are in the parks. You will need it!

There are several good chargers out there, so do a little research to pick what is best for you and your family.

But definitely get one! You will be glad you did!

Phew! That's a lot, but it will all be worth it!

Is there anything I forgot to mention about packing for Walt Disney World? Anything special that you take, or suggestions for newbies? Leave a comment and let me know!

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