For a lot of people, Disney World FastPass+ is a very confusing topic. Because of that, I have decided to answer 5 questions that I get a lot about FastPass+. Hopefully, this will clear up some of the mystery of this service, and help you use this amazing service and save time!

1. Can I use FastPass+?

YES! Everyone that has a ticket to a Walt Disney World park can use FastPass+! And I believe that everyone SHOULD use FastPass+.

2. Do I have to pay for FastPass+?

NO! FastPass+ is a free service that Disney provides to everyone with a ticket to a Walt Disney World Park! Isn't that great!

Now the truth is that you probably have paid for the service since you purchased the ticket, so why not use it. You paid for it!

3. Why should I use FastPass+?

The easiest answer is to SAVE TIME! Do you like to wait in lines at the Disney World parks? How would you like to spend A LOT LESS time in line? That is the reason to use FastPass+. You reserve a time to ride on an attraction. FastPass+ gives you a 60 minute period of time to return to an attraction and ride on it in a MUCH shorter line! Otherwise, you have to stand in the "Stand By" line to ride the attraction.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you are spending the day in the Magic Kingdom, and you want to ride Space Mountain. I mean, who wouldn't! It's a great ride! The stand by line says that the wait is 60 minutes. However, you have a reservation for Space Mountain! YAY! You check in during your reserved time, and you only wait 20 minutes to get on the ride! YAHOO! That means more time to do ANYTHING! You have saved yourself 40 minutes of waiting in line doing nothing because you were smart enough to use it!

FastPass+ Entrance
FastPass+ Entrance

4. How do I make a FastPass+ Reservation?

It's actually pretty easy to make a reservation. You need to have a My Disney Experience account (which you can set up online or using the App.) Then link your ticket to your account (which you are going to want to do to use your Magic Bands...which is a whole other topic). After all that, you can then make a reservation!

You can make 3 reservations a day for the park you are visiting. After you have used the third FastPass, you can then make ANOTHER reservation! How cool is that! I think that the most FastPasses that I have been able to use in a day is 6. That saved me A LOT of time! It made for a much better day at the park!

FastPass+ reservation from iPhone App.

5. When can I make FastPass+ reservations?

That is a great question, and an important one!

You can make your reservations 30 days before you are going to be in the park.

BUT, if you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort (and a couple of other resorts that Disney has given this privilege) you can make your FastPass reservations 60 days in advance! 60 DAYS! That is a lot better than 30 days! And of course, it is an incentive for you to stay at a WDW resort.

You can also make reservations at the park when you are there. There are FastPass+ kiosks in several locations in each of the four parks.

Final thoughts...

Disney World FastPass+ is a great addition that I think everyone should be using. It's included in the price of your park ticket, so why not use it. The main reason people don't is they don't know about it. But you now have an advantage. You know what it is and how it works.

Don't waste your time (and money...I mean you really did pay for the service) by not using FastPass+. It will make your vacation much more enjoyable and ensure that you can do more attractions while in the park.

There is no better feeling than walking past a long line to get on an attraction (as bad as that sounds)!

Except maybe sitting on Main Street listening to the Dapper Dans eating a Mickey Bar.

That's a pretty great feeling too!

What are your thoughts about Disney World Fastpass+? Leave a comment or question below. Also, sign up for The Goofy Guy Newsletter to keep up with what's happening!

Now go get those FastPass+ Reservations!

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