This week, Julie and I talk about resort hopping during the holidays at Walt Disney World. There are so many great things to see at the resorts during this time, and we hit on just a few of our favorites (or maybe not our favorites). There are so many great decorations to see at the resort, and we didn't have time to talk about all of them. For me, there is no better time to resort hop at Walt Disney World!

We also talk about the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs. It is a fun diversion that if you are tired of the crowds at the park, you should definitely do! Even though I think that it started on a very low budget and idea, it has grown to be a pretty nice thing to do in Disney Springs!

As always we talk about the news and put our spin on it. We laugh a lot and want you to laugh right along with us. We also talk about a piece of news that I am not happy some of my fellow bloggers have focused on and used as click bate.

And this week's "If Julie gets lost" is all about preparing for all the walking you are bound to do at Walt Disney World. As you can tell we are really making this segment a tips segment, so if you have any great tips that you love, please share them with us. We will use them on future podcasts!

If you missed last week's episode, we talked about celebrating the holidays at Walt Disney World and focused on the parks. It's a great episode with some valuable information for planning to deal with the crowds!

If there is something that you love to do at a resort during the holidays, please leave us a comment so that we can share it with everyone else! We always love to learn what other people enjoy at the parks and resorts!

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