In this episode, we talk about how we think Disney will reopen its parks. What will it look like? What will cast members do? Will there be temperatures taken? Will they limit the number of people in the parks? All the things that we have an opinion on. Now, remember, these are just our opinions. There is no factual information involved here. Just a fun conversation.

The irony of this episode is that right after we recorded, Disney announced that Shanghai Disney will reopen on May 11th. And it gave us a better picture of what the opening of the park will look like. Of course, none of that information is in this podcast. you'll have to catch the next podcast to hear that information. So really, we know Disney Parks will reopen. We discuss it a little more in our last news podcast.

Here is a link to the Disneyland Paris "Disney Illuminations" show.

We hope you are doing well during this unusual time. We know that social distancing is hard for a lot of people (including us). Check-in on your friends and loved sons, and take care of each other! And if you can, spread a little pixie dust.

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I can't wait for the Disney Parks to reopen! How about you? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts! We will even read them during the podcast!

Enjoy the episode!


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