So in this week's show, we talk about starting a budget for a Disney World vacation. We talk about all the things you need to think about when starting the process, and some numbers that might help with the process. We want to help you be realistic when you start thinking about money and your Disney World vacation. Starting a budget can be a hard thing to do, but if you take the information in the podcast, it will at least get you started on a low-end budget. Of course you can do a larger budget! We just felt that this was a realistic start for you planning!

Of course, we cover news items this week.

And we do have an "If Julie Gets Lost" this week! YAY!!

And as always, there is a lot of laughing.

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Starting a budget for a Disney World vacation can be tough. we hope that this episode helps you start yours!

Enjoy the episode!


The Goofy Guy!

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