We are back, and Julie is back! YAY! We have a lot of Disney News for 9/7/2020 to talk about, including ShopDisney.com, Turtle Talk, People Mover, cast member raises, and the Polynesian Hotel. And even more. So there is a lot to cover!

There is so much going on at Disney World that sometimes it is hard to decide what Disney News to talk about. I am not very happy that the People Mover is still closed. It makes me think that there is something more wrong with it than they initially thought. It was shut down for 3 months, and it is an old attraction. I don't think that they will close it. It doesn't really occupy valuable real estate, and it is popular.

In more Disney News for 9/7/2020, Turtle Talk With Crush is remaining closed for further refurbishments. I wonder if the are trying to figure out how to social distance in that small space more. It is a tight space, and I'm sure that they would like to assure that everyone is safe.

In even more Disney News, we know that ShopDisney.com has some issues, and again, they have proven that they need to rethink the way they do things. There are some new Coco cuties, and they sold out online almost immediately! They have not figured out how to stop the robots from buying all of the collectibles before anyone else has a chance. So if you see them on Ebay, don't buy them. Don't support these pirates trying to make money this way. It is not fair to the rest of us!

Of course we also find time to laugh and have fun! Because...Us!

We hope you are doing well during this unusual time. We know that social distancing is hard for a lot of people (including us). Check-in on your friends and loved sons, and take care of each other! And if you can, spread a little pixie dust.

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Enjoy the episode!


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