Have you ever visited Walt Disney World to celebrate the holidays and just felt overwhelmed by the crowds? Have you wanted to visit Walt Disney World to celebrate the holidays but were scared away by the crowds, or you just didn't know what to do when you got there for the holidays?

In this video, I discuss the holidays at Walt Disney World and some can't miss things to do while you are there! I also talk about expectations. There are going to be crowds and you need to be prepared for that. I talk about the use of a crowd calendar and what they are. They can definitely help with planning your trip and where to spend your time while you are at Disney World!

I also talk about something special in each park. They each have a holiday "bonus" that you should take advantage of or see while you are there. Even Disney Springs has a Christmas Tree Trail which is a lot of fun!

I also mention that if the crowds get to be too much, be sure to do some resort hopping! The resorts are all decked out in their finest holiday decor and are a lot of fun to visit. So when the "I can't move" gets to be too much, leave the parks and get your holiday joy at the resorts!

If there is something that you love to do at Walt Disney World to celebrate the holidays that I haven't talked about, leave a comment below so we can all learn about different things to do during this special time!

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